Lola was smart. She had more energy than George the other pug actor. She was used for the running around bits (like when Petula chases Nockman), the barking bits and the clever bits (like when Petula turns on the television with the TV controls).

George was the other pug who played Petula. He was much sleepier than Lola so very good for all the sitting-in-a-backpack acting! There was a bit of a problem though sometimes, where it was obvious that he was a boy. Visual effects airbrushed this out!

A very lovely lady called Sandra came in every day with the dogs. She had to make the dogs relax and act which was very difficult for them with cameras whirring and lights flashing.

Interview with Lola & George

Q: So, Lola, what attracted you to playing the role of Petula?

A: Woof!

Lola and George both star at Petula the pug in 'Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism' (2015).