Emily Watson is a British actress who has acted in a wide variety of roles. She started out as a stage actress with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Movies that she has been in include the horror film, Red Dragon, (2002) starring alongside Anthony Hopkins, the sci-fi thriller, Equilibrium, (2002), starring alongside Christian Bale, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, (2004), Miss Potter, (2006), War Horse, (2011) and The Theory of Everything, (2014). Emily also provided the voice of Victoria Everglot in Tim Burton’s animated fantasy, Corpse Bride, (2005).

Emily Watson was a real wonder to get on the film. We were so excited when she wanted to play Miss Trinklebury. She is a very special actress who the audience believes in utterly. She played Miss Trinklebury perfectly. A very believable shy, caring woman who finds it difficult to stand up to the bully Agnes Adderstone.

Emily Watson as Miss Trinklebury