Jake Swift is a young British actor, Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism is his first feature film. Jake has featured in TV shows including playing a 13-year-old boxer in the HBO TV series Family Tree, (2013), Up on the Roof, (2013) alongside Earl Cameron and up-coming actress Maisie Williams, and Channel 4’s New Worlds, (2014) alongside Jamie Dornan aka Mr Christian Grey.

Jake Swift was a real charmer in real life but he knew how to turn this off where he played Roger Fibbin. He plays him snide and mean. It’s a pity we couldn’t use Jake’s boxing skills and have had him box in the film.
I love the scene where he and Oliver (Gordon Boils) are eating pasta. They had great chemistry and worked really well together as the nasty friends. I wish the film could have been longer with more scenes for these two.. Maybe there should be a whole film called ‘Roger and Gordon’.

Interview with Jake Swift

Q: How did you start acting?

A: In year 6 I auditioned for the role of Bugsy Malone in a school play and got it. I then went to a local drama group for a few years and enjoyed it so much that I knew then that I wanted to learn more and be an actor.

Q: Why do you love acting?

A: I like to take an interest in characters and be able to change to become them, which can be very challenging at times.

Q: How did you feel when you got the part in Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism?

A: I was very happy and excited to be cast in Molly Moon and to be able to play an interesting character like Roger.

Q: Were you ever scared or nervous on set?

A: Never, the production team and cast were all very friendly, we were like one big happy family!

Q: Do you think you are quite similar to Roger?

A: No, I am nothing like Roger he is a bully and a follower of the crowd.

Q: If you weren’t acting in the film, what other process would you liked to have been involved with?

A: A director, working with Chris Rowley on set of molly moon intrigued me and if I wasn’t acting I would like to be behind the camera directing.

Q: Did you do anything to prepare for the role of Roger?

A: I read the Molly Moon books and researched Rogers’s character as much as I could which helped me prepare for the role.

Q: What was your favourite moment or thing that happened whilst filming?

A: When I was filming the scene eating the spaghetti. I ate so much of it during the takes that I couldn’t move from the table. I was not meant to eat it but I couldn’t help myself it was so nice!

Q: Did anything really funny happen to you on set?

A: Nothing really in particular to me, although everyday on set was a great experience and lots of fun!

Jake Swift as Roger Fibbin