Joan Collins is an actress from London, England, who now lives in America.

Joan became a household name in the 80s staring as the conniving Alexis in the American TV show, Dynasty. Joan then went on to star in a wealth of blockbuster movies and TV shows including Roseanne, (1988–1997), Will & Grace, (2000) and Rules of Engagement, (2007 – 2013). Not shy of playing the baddie, Joan has also featured in children’s films namely as the formidable Pearl Slaghoople in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, (2000).

Joan Collins is amazing. She has been working as an actor for many years and has been in lots of movies. She has a certain foxy charm that we knew would be perfect for the part of Mrs. Nockman. She can also act hard, calculating and cold. So we knew she would be perfect to be the horrible criminal mother of Simon Nockman.

Joan Collins as Tracy Nockman