Ben Miller is a British comedian and actor. After many years as a stand up comedian, his career lead him onto the screen through TV sketch shows such as BAFTA winning The Armstrong and Miller Show, (1997). Ben has since had roles in blockbuster movies including Steve Coogan’s first feature film, The Parole Officer, (2001). He played Rowan Atkinson’s sidekick in Johnny English, (2003), was in The Prince and Me, (2004) and Razzle Dazzle, (2007). More recently he has featured in the BBC’s The Catherine Tate Show, (2009), starred in Death in Paradise, (2011-2013), as a detective and as a villain in Doctor Who (2014).

Ben Miller played Mr Alabaster brilliantly. He made him stupid and thoughtless, and a man who doesn’t understand children at all. He made it so that we laugh at Mr Alabaster.

Ben Miller as Mr Alabaster