Albert Goodwin is a young British actor. Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism is his first feature film.

Albert was a sweetie and very excited by playing the part of Jinx. In fact he used to get so excited that he’d jump up and down on the spot very fast. He melts the hearts of the mums in the audience. I love it when he comes running over the hill shouting “Molly, Molly, come quickly! Wocky’s been adopted!”

Interview with Albert Goodwin

Q: How did you start acting?

A: Because of my family, they were actors.

Q: Why do you love acting?

A: It’s really fun and I got to buy an iPod!

Q: How did you feel when you got the part in Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism?

A: Really happy.

Q: Were you ever scared or nervous on set?

A: Em… yes because on the first day I cried and I was tired.

Q: Do you think you are quite similar to Jinx?

A: Yes, because I’m always scruffy and dirty and cheeky but I’m not an orphan.

Q: If you weren’t acting in the film, what other process would you liked to have been involved with?

A: I would have liked to be the cameraman but not make up.

Q: Did you do anything to prepare for the role of Jinx?

A: I use to get breakfast, put my costume on and see my friends. I liked to wear the dressing gown, sit in the trailer and learn my lines.

Q: What was your favourite moment or thing that happened whilst filming?

A: Singing the song and jumping on the bed. The cameraman dared me to put all the cereal in my mouth.

Q: Did anything really funny happen to you on set?

A: I enjoyed doing it all but not the lessons.

Albert Goodwin as Jinx Eames