Jadon Carnelly Morris is a young British actor. Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism is his first feature film. Jadon is also a keen musician and singer. He is very involved with an acting group in Newcastle, where he lives.

Finding Jadon was just as exciting as finding Raffey.

We had seen quite a few boys but none were quite like we imagined Rocky. Then we saw Jadon audition. He had a life and energy and an emotional intelligence to him that blew everyone else out of the water. When we put him and Raffey together there was chemistry. They were put together as Molly and Rocky and the results were brilliant. Both understood the characters straight away and their energy together was so good it was an irresistible double act. We were very relieved.

Interview with Jadon Carnelly Morris

Q: How did you start acting?

A: I was spotted at school by the Television Workshop who thought I was good at acting so I applied to join and got accepted!

Q: Why do you love acting?

A: Because I feel free when I’m acting, free to express myself.

Q: How did you feel when you got the part in Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism?

A: I was so pleased and shocked but REALLY REALLY excited.

Q: Were you ever scared or nervous on set?

A: I was nervous but never scared.

Q: Do you think you are quite similar to Rocky?

A: Well obviously I’m handsome! (kidding) I’m quite similar because I like to look out for others and I have curly hair!

Q: If you weren’t acting in the film, what other process would you liked to have been involved with?

A: Director! Because I would’ve been in charge 🙂

Q: Did you do anything to prepare for the role of Rocky?

A: Yes, I learned to play the guitar.

Q: What was your favourite moment or thing that happened whilst filming?

A: Meeting everyone on set and all the other actors and crew.

Q. Did anything really funny happen to you on set?
A: Yes! I had to have my hair straightened!

Jadon Carnelly Morris as Rocky Scarlet