You will need:

  1. Someone to ‘hypnotise’
  2. Seat (sturdy wooden chairs work best)


  1. Position your friend in the seat as in the picture. The person must lean back with arms folded, legs stretched out and head back. It is important that all four chair legs remain on the floor.
  2. Use your index finger (that is the one next to your thumb) to push down on the centre of your friends forehead. Be firm but gentle – you don’t need to push, just apply pressure.
  3. Now say:
  4. “Now you are under my hypnotic power. Try to rise from your chair!”

  5. After your friend has struggled, relax the pressure in your finger and say:
  6. “Now you can rise!”

Your friend will be able to rise up.

Download PDF (to print out and keep)