You will need:

  1. A doorway.
  2. Someone to ‘hypnotise’.


  1. Tell your friend “I am going to use mind control to force you to raise your arms”.
  2. Then ask the person to stand in a doorway and press their arms outward against the side of the doorway as hard as they can.
  3. Count slowly down from 10. Tell him or her that they must keep eye contact with you as you count down from 10.

When you reach 1 they must step out from the doorway. At the same time, you need to raise your arms. This is because, as the person walks away from the door and then stands still, their arms will lift up because of all the pressure from before. If you raise your arms it looks as though their arms are copying you against their will.

You can practice this on your own, until you have perfected the timing.

Download PDF (to print out and keep)

Molly Moon - Hypnotic Arm Trick Illustration