Here are some Molly Moon adlibs for you. There are lots of words missing from the writing. You can complete the adlib on your own or – even better – with a friend. Just ask them to give you the words (making sure they don’t see the rest of the story) for hilarious results!


Fill in the words making sure you enter the correct type of word (for example ‘noun’, ‘adjective’, ‘verb’, etc).

Need a Little Help?

Name of a thing. Examples: book, tuna, butterfly, dogs (that one was plural).
Proper noun
Name of place or person. Examples: London, Dennis, Betty.
Word that describes someone or something. Examples: smart, interesting, cold, funny, smelly.
An action word. Examples: sleep, run, hop, skip.
Word that tells how something is done; it describes a verb, and usually ends in -ly. Examples: quickly, softly, speedily, carefully. “…walked (verb) quickly (adverb)”.

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