Put a friend’s mind-reading powers to the test!

First you will need to glue this sheet to a thin piece of card so your cards will be stronger and last longer. then, ask an adult to help you cut along the dotted lines.


  1. Deal the cards out so both players have a set of five cards each – with a different symbol on each card.
  2. Player one must choose a card from their own pack and pull it out.
  3. Player one must concentrate on the symbol on their chosen card (making sure that player two can’t see it). Player two must then use their mental powers to psychically work out which symbol player one chose. They must then pull the card they believe player one chose out of their pack of cards.
  4. Both players must then reveal which card they chose and if they match up, player two gets a point.
  5. Steps 2 to 4 are then repeated with player one trying to work out which card player two chose.

The first person to get 5 points wins and has the strongest mind-reading powers!

Download PDF (to print out and keep)