Now you have mastered the art of entering a trance, you may be ready to hypnotize an animal. Hypnotising animals is a difficult art – more difficult than hypnotising human beings. But if you achieve what I call the “Fusion Feeling” when you are hypnotising animals, you will recognise the “Fusion Feeling” later when you are hypnotising people, and that will be very useful to you. If you don’t get the “Fusion Feeling”, animals and people are not properly hypnotised.

  1. Go into a trance yourself.
  2. In your trance, think of the animal (dog, cat, lion) that you are going to hypnotize. Think about the essence of that animal. Try to become that animal.
  3. Finding the essence of your animal may take you weeks, but do not give up. Find the “voice” that fits your animal.
  4. Face your animal, slowly approaching it if necessary. Think of the animal’s “voice” and now perform it slowly and calmly. Repeat the animal’s voice, in a lulling way, until the animal becomes rocked into a trance. A pendulum may be used. (All students of hypnotism should aquire a pendulum and study Chapter Four.) Once the animal is in a trance, you will know it from the “Fusion Feeling”.
Hypnotising Animals