It’s All in the Eyes.

To hypnotise a large crowd, you must learn to hypnotise using only the eyes. This is very tiring for the eyes. Practise these exercises.

The Looking Glass Exercise.

Stand in front of a looking glass and stare straight into your own eyes. Try not to blink. Soon your face will change shape. Do not be alarmed. Your eyes will feel as if they are glowing.

This glowing feeling is the feeling you must have to hypnotise people with your eyes only. And this is the trick you need to hypnotise a crowd.

Hypnotising Yourself.

Imagine forms of yourself that you would like to be, suggested the book. For instance, if you would like to be kinder, or bolder, imagine yourself as being kinder or bolder, and in the looking glass, you will see an alternative you.

Dr Logan - Hypnotism, An Ancient Art Explained