Molly Moon and the Monster Music

Molly Moon has incredible powers: hypnotism, time-travel, mind-reading, morphing…

But now something seems to have power over her. It’s helping her become the greatest musician ever, and its music promises to give her millions of mesmerized fans. Only Petula the pug and Molly’s friends Gerry and Rocky sense an off-note. But can they save Molly from the monster inside her and from the tattooed tyrant who is more dangerous than Molly knows? Molly Moon’s twisting Tokyo adventure will have you turning the pages at karate-chop speed.

Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery

Molly Moon is unstoppable!

The eleven-year-old orphan with dazzling hypnotic powers has discovered a whole new talent…MORPHING! Soon she and her brother, Micky, are swapping bodies with ladybirds, dogs, rats, even the Queen of England herself! But the fun can’t last forever. If they don’t find the world’s only copy of The Advanced Arts of Hypnotism they’ll never get back into their own bodies. And it doesn’t help that they are being sabotaged by a strange group of people intent on destroying the world… and that the weather is behaving VERY oddly indeed.

Molly Moon, Micky Minus & the Mind Machine

Molly Moon knows what you’re thinking.

No, really. She knows what you are thinking. Molly is on a mission – to bring home her long-lost twin brother, Micky. First she has to FIND him – and he could be anywhere! Luckily Molly’s time-travel and world-stopping skills help her in her search as well as her new secret weapon: MIND-READING. But will it all be enough to overcome the baby-faced, maniacal Princess Fang and her monstrous, brain-scrambling mind machine?

Molly Moon’s Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure

Molly Moon has just found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time!

A conniving, super-rich maharaja has abducted Molly and Petula the pug and whisked them back in time – to nineteenth-century India! Using the art of Time-Travel Hypnosis he has also kidnapped four younger versions of Molly as part of a plan to stop her ever learning her hypnotic skills. With not only her past but the future of the world at stake, can Molly outwit the cunning maharaja before it’s too late?